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New Takeuchi TB210R 1.2t Reduced Swing

Quick Specifications

Kubota D722
750mm - 1020mm
Digging Depth:
Auxiliary Flow:
22.2 L/min
Travel Speed:

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1,150.000 KGS
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Product Description

Weighing in at 1,150kg, the TB210R is classified as a short-radius machine with the counterweight running minimally outside the extended tracks. A fold-down ROPS bar is integrated into the machine, and the body parts are all steel fabricated, which is good news for contractors who use their machine constantly and for the hire industry.

"Rental operators will be pleased that even trailer-loaded with a set of buckets and hitch the TB210R grosses around 1.3 tonnes," Takeuchi says, "allowing the machine to be towed using a conventional utility or a family sedan without any special electronic braking system."

The digger’s tracks measure just 750 mm wide but can be hydraulically expanded up to 1,020mm when maximum stability is required. Power is delivered by a three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine that pumps out 11.5 horsepower (8.6kW).

"There are full hydraulic servo levers and controls with a have a two-pattern change over selector," Takeuchi says. "The TB210R is fully configured to run a large range of attachments such as hammers, augers or compaction plates."

Service access to the TB210R is very easy, the company adds. An under-seat bonnet tilt lever allows close access to the most important components, while both the right and the left side panels swing open for full mechanical access.


 Upgrades from TB108

  • Full Pilot Control
  • Extra 200kg
  • Reduced Swing
  • 2 speed drive motors
  • fold down ROPS bar
  • 11.5hp

Product Videos

Takeuchi TB210R (01:00)
De Takeuchi TB 210R: kwaliteit zoals ze gewend zijn, nu dan ook met fijne servobediening via de joysticks aan de zijkant van de stoel. Door zijn uitschuifbaar onderstel past deze 1 tonner door iedere deur, wat de bereikbaarheid van alle tuinen en indoor bouwplaatsen mogelijk maakt, zonder stabiliteit te verliezen. http://www.verhoevenbv.com/takeuchi-tb210r/
  • Takeuchi TB210R
    De Takeuchi TB 210R: kwaliteit zoals ze gewend zijn, nu dan oo...

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