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New Mecalac 6MCR


Travel Speed:
Lifting Power:
Auxilary Flow:
90 L/min
55kW (75hp)
Max. Torque:

From + GST $0.00 + GST
5,900.000 KGS

Product Description

The speed of a track loader combined with the rotation of an excavator.

100% faster than any small excavator

MCRs are fast and efficient. You can travel up to 10km/h (6.2mph), which is 2x faster than any small excavator. Considering all the time spent by small excacators traveling across the jobsite, this translates automatically into shorter cycle times, and less non added-value moments for co-workers waiting for the excavator to arrive.

Moving up to 0.75m³ at 10km/h

MCRs are not only about going fast. They are about being able to move more m³ AND faster than any traditional excavator. Our hydrostatic transmission motors are strong enough to take on any job. Resting the bucket against the blade ensures there is no constraints on the boom and stick.

The right bucket size For fast works.

Would you keep your 0.30 m3 (0.39 yd3) bucket if you could use a 0.53 m3 (0.69 yd3) one?

Equip your MCR with a skid bucket to reduce the number of passes needed for loading a truck, or to spread the dirt directly into the trench while moving forward to refill it. Not mentionning site finitions: There is nothing quicker and easier than being able to fine grade the ground level like a compact loader. This is another example of how you can reduce drastically your total cycle times.

You need to push big loads? Not an issue!

Place the skid bucket against the blade and push; the force from the undercarriage is transmitted directly to the bucket, thus increasing your loading capacities.

Why would you invest in something smaller if it is still cumbersome?

When you work in a tight congested worksite, it’s tight. Not only at the rear, but all around. It’s the same for our excavators; they are compact, at the back but also and above all at the front. It’s only with a true 360° compactness that you can get the full advantages of a compact machine that are the maneuverability and also the stability. When you can pull the boom fully backwards, there is no weight at the front that makes you loose balance.


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