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Dig-it B5HG 5-8t Excavator Hydraulic Grab


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Machine Weight:
Max Open Width:
Min Grip Diameter:
Grab Weight:
Clamping Force:
19 kN
Max Pressure:
250 Bar
Hydraulic Flow:
40-60 L/min

From + GST $5,450.00 + GST
215 KGS

Product Description

The Dig-it B5HG hydraulic eco grab is designed as a heavy duty grab option for 5-9t Excavators which has has one fixed Tyne and one moving Tyne unlike the Dig-it hydraulic grapple which has a fixed middle body and 2 equally moving Tynes. This geometry gives less opening width, but is lighter, cheaper and much simpler with less moving parts.

The pivot points have replaceable grease-able hardened bushes and uses one centrally mounted hydraulic ram for simplicity and protection of the ram.

The moving Tyne is similar to the hydraulic thumb, but the hydraulic eco grab benefits by not needing to weld brackets to your machine, and the weight is removed when you are not using the grab unlike the hydraulic thumb, which is always on the machine, this can impact your lifting capacity and balance.

We recommend you hose the grab once it's installed on the machine, using a local hose company, however we can supply a universal hose kit  including 2x hoses and 1x pair of 1/2" flat face couplings, but the lengths will not be optimal.

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