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New Mecalac 8MCR

Quick Specifications

Deutz TCD 2.9
55kW (75hp)
Max. Torque:
Digging Depth:
Auxiliary Flow:
126 L/min
Lifting Power:
Travel Speed:

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7,600.000 KGS
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Product Description

Mecalac MCR range: the world’s fastest excavators on tracks

The innovative Franco-German manufacturer Mecalac and Australian machinery distributor Digrite based in Perth bring new solutions for the construction equipment sector.

A smart combination of a compact excavator with a compact loader, the MCR range (MCR is the French abbreviation for Mecalac Fast Tracks) is now available in the 6, 8 and 10-tonne class. Quite simply unique, the MCR models are tracked excavators that can travel at speeds of up to 10 km/h, compact loaders with 360° rotation, construction machines than can switch from excavator mode to skid loader mode in seconds.

MCR construction and functionalities

First of all, design is not a secondary consideration at Mecalac. MCR units are to be shown, to be seen; they are recognized.

With well-balanced shapes, clean curves and a quality finish, MCR units are beautiful and well-made. The designers have been involved from the start of the project, particularly regarding the major target: transparency in the excavator and loader function for this new Mecalac range featuring innovative concepts.

The result leaves no room for confusion and the term “clear” is perfectly applicable to the MCR range: it clearly is an excavator; it clearly is a loader; and it also is a forklift and an ideal carrier for a wide range of hydraulic tools suitable for all MCR users’ applications.

Being the only loaders with full 360° rotation in the market, the MCR range features an upper carriage equipped with the well-known Mecalac Kinematics. The cab interior is simply the perfect match for this unique driving experience, each detail conceived to make the job easier and to allow the operator to perform all functions perfectly. Nothing is difficult in the operation of the MCR units, everything is more effective, more measured, and evidence of this is the refined control panel: whatever the level of ambient light, the operator is able to see clearly all the information that is needed, irrespective of the operating mode in use, the traveling speed, the engine speed, the amount of hours in operation, the selected cylinder and even the safety features that are activated.

The essential watchword that describes the operator’s cab is “intuitive”. Obviously, the space is there to ensure visibility round the full 360° and everything is within easy reach. Changing from excavator mode to loader mode is done by means of a simple switch, traveling is controlled with a joystick. All evidence of good ergonomic design and the pleasure of driving in comfort and safety. Nothing superfluous, each component is in the right place under the hoods, perfectly positioned for a compact arrangement whilst preserving accessibility and ease of maintenance.

The attachment, the well-known kinematics mechanism patented by Mecalac, is the common denominator of all Mecalac excavators and gives them one of Mecalac’s unique and unequalled values: the compact design in width, length and height. This allows the operator to adapt to all situations, to work closer to the machine or with a reach of up to 6.50 m, to dig a trench behind a wall or a crash barrier thanks to the offset, to lay sand, to load in the narrowest alleys and lanes and in the most difficult sites.


The attachment is at the centre of the three essential functions: digging, loading and lifting are functions that are instantly activated by changing tools in just seconds, without leaving the cab, thanks to the ACTIVE LOCK quick coupler. With this hydraulic tool holder, the Mecalac attachment allows MCR units to excel in each of these tasks, to exceed the user’s expectations, to bring an undeniable advantage in performance, agility, compact design, profitability and quality. Each function at 100%, faster and better.


Finally, there is the well-known MCR triangulated undercarriage, thanks to which the compact MCR excavators on tracks reach a speed of 10 km/h. But there is more. It is also through this undercarriage that the thrust force is transmitted 100% also in skid mode with the bucket supported by the blade, without any loads acting on the attachment or the upper carriage. As MCR excavators are also loaders, they are obviously equipped with dual closed circuit hydrostatic transmission with “Dual Senso Drive”, able to work and travel simultaneously without loss of performance.


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