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Digga A4TL 65mm Round Auger 100-900mm

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Product Description

 A4TL Auger Features:

•  Variety of hub options.
•  Heavy duty tube with highest grade steel.
•  Shallow pitch flights for optimum removal of spoil.
•  True Cut design ensures a 300mm auger, drills a 300mm hole. 
•  Full range of drive adaptors & extensions available to maximise drilling depths.
DIGGA’S True Cut augers boast heavy duty design, with high efficiency cutting heads to maximise your drilling 
performance. Fitted with a range of quality wear parts providing superior wear and performance.

Range A4TL
OAL 1200mm
Flight Double
FX 8mm
Sizes 100mm (4") to 900mm (36")
Tooth Style TS
Hub Options 1,2,4
Digga Drive PDD-PD4R
Hub Options  
1 50.8mm Round
2 65mm Round
4 57mm Square
Tooth Style  
TS Tooth Standard
TM Tooth Medium
TT 100% Hard/ Rock

TS - Tooth Standard General Drilling Small Machines
TM - Tooth Medium  General Drilling Medium/Large Machines
TT  - All purpose Rock/Earth Hard Drilling Small, Medium, Large Machines



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