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New Thomas 45DT Diesel Tracked Mini Loader

Quick Specifications

25hp Kubota Diesel
Bucket lift height:
Track Width:
Hyd pumps:
Max auxiliary flow:
Max auxiliary pressure:
3000 psi
Max speed:
Tipping load:
1 year

From $41,300.00 + GST $38,850.00 + GST
(You save $2,450.00)
1,230.000 KGS

Product Description

The compact 45DT has the power and performance features to make short work of any job you take on.

The power starts with its rugged Kubota 25 HP diesel engine. This reliable top of the line industry workhorse provides serious power to the wheels through the loaders heavy duty low speed high torque hydraulic motors and heavy duty chain drive system.

The 45DT provides you with more breakout force than most full size skid steer loaders. Producing over 2090 lbs (948 kg) of breakout force means easy bucket loading even in the toughest conditions and is equipped as standard with a bucket self-leveling system. This no spill feature allows you to handle any load with ease.

The 45DT features an extremely high 70° bucket dumping angle. That’s more than double most of its competitors. The benefit of this high dump angle quickly becomes apparent when working with wet or sticky materials.

The tracked 45DT provides you quick and nimble performance. The units 9inch (230 mm) tracks provide superior traction generating a light 4.3 psi (0.3 bar) of ground pressure.

On the 45DT you’re always in full command and it’s simple control system will ensures you’ll be productive and operating like a pro in minutes. Both the steering and single joystick hydraulic boom and bucket controls allow for smooth precise two hand control of all operating functions.

For complete versatility and flexibility the 45DT is fitted with two auxiliary hydraulic circuits, One hydraulic circuit is used for operating cylinder equipped attachments such as grapples, 4:1 buckets or dozer blades. For the protection of rotating motor powered attachments such as sweepers, tillers , power box rakes or snow blowers there is a second circuit equipped with built in motor spool. The motor spool protects the attachments motor from pressure surges and spikes caused when hydraulic flow is reversed or shut off. When operating a sweeper for example the motor spool will allow the brush to free spool when hydraulic flow is shut off.

Thomas’s two-pump system has 4 working modes (Overdrive, Normal, Attachment and Trenching) which uses a flow selector, combiner valve and flow control valve allows you to direct power where and when it is needed most. When trenching for example, you can direct most of the hydraulic flow to the trencher while maintaining “inching” capability to the drive wheels.

To protect the operator from unintended movement of the loader or the loaders boom or bucket on start up, all controls remain locked until the operator releases them. The loader is also equipped with a parking brake, lifting lugs and boom supports for safe maintenance. Other standard features operator compartment padding, a 12 volt accessory plug and work light as we know your work day may extend around the clock.

The 45DT offers quick and easy access to all major drive components. A hinged control panel and quick remove engine compartment cover provides full protection as well as complete access. The unit also features a flip forward oil cooler assembly allowing complete front access and large service openings are found on both sides. Large easy read site gauges provide an instant check on fluid levels while a remote engine oil drain hose makes for easy no spill oil changes.

Your Thomas also carries the protection of a 1-year full machine and 2-year engine warranty.

Product Videos

Thomas 45DT 2018 Track Mini Loader (00:43)
Thomas are back in 2018 with their new 45DT tracked mini loader. Powered by a kubota 25hp Diesel engine, the 1250kg mini digger is fitted with 230mm wide smooth ride tracks and has a tipping load of 560kg. High speed travel of 8.5km/h is thanks to a dual pump hydraulic circuit. Hydraulic joystick controls the boom functions with 2 auxiliary circuits for all attachment needs. Available now in Australia from Digrite.
  • Thomas 45DT 2018 Track Mini Loader
    Thomas are back in 2018 with their new 45DT tracked mini loade...

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