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New Mecalac 6MCR 75hp Skid 6t Excavator Package


Travel Speed:
Lifting Power:
Auxilary Flow:
90 L/min
55kW (75hp)
Max. Torque:

From + GST $0.00 + GST
5,900.000 KGS

Product Description

The Mecalac 6MCR is a 75hp track loader and 6t excavator in one machine.

It's 2 piece boom allows heavier lifting up to 2.8t which is great for lifting tanks and other heavy objects. It can reach further because it can be fully stretched out straight, giving better reach both in front and above the machine. It also is much more compact, allowing front and rear reduce swing, when the book is positioned back and over the cab, it can swing within its own radius, great for working close to buildings and loading trucks.

The boom features offset, allowing the operator to trench outside the track frame width and can allow up to 10% tilt on the skid bucket.

The machine has a track loader under carriage with independent closed circuit pumps and motors to allow high track torque and high speed up to 10km/h, which is more than 2 times a standard excavator. it also is a true "skid" system, so the machine skids on the surface rather than digs in like a standard excavator under carriage.

All MCR skid excavators are fitted with Mecalac CONNECT, a automatic hydraulic hitch system designed for use with skid steer and excavator attachments. There are various adapters availiabe to suit universal skid steer and standard excavator attachments.

The 6MCR uses a Deutz 75hp 2.9L engine without DPF or AdBlue. this high power output allows high flow aux circuit of 90 L/min.

Now into the second series, the new 6MCR's feature an updated cab with built in reverse camera, larger operator area, bigger screen, better conditioning and operator comfort.

The 6MCR is now fitted with the 2 piece excavator style boom, which moves the dipper stick cylinder to above the boom, this gives increased breakout force and quicker boom movement, along with more range of motion.

This 6MCR package includes optional extras including:

  • Travel alarm
  • LED flashing beacon
  • Additional front and rear work lights
  • AM/FM/USB/Bluetooth radio
  • Anti-drop valves on all cylinders including the bucket cylinder for use with pallet forks
  • Continuous flow function for Aux 1
  • Proportional extra auxiliary circuit
  • Case drain line
  • Additional rear counterweight (400kg)
  • Enclosed lifting eye on hitch

This 6MCR package includes the following attachments:

  • 2000mm Skid Steer GP bucket
  • Pallet forks
  • 350mm tooth bucket
  • 450mm tooth bucket
  • 600mm tooth bucket

Optional extra attachments are:

  • Excavator tilt hitch
  • Hydraulic thumb grab
  • 1500mm mud bucket
  • Tilting mud bucket
  • Ripper
  • Universal skid steer adaptor
  • Excavator adaptor
  • Excavator rake bucket
  • Skid steer rake bucket
  • Hydraulic grab
  • Rotating hydraulic grab
  • hydraulic rock breaker
  • Auger drive unit with augers
  • Flail mower
  • Fixed tooth mulcher
  • Blank mount plate
  • And many more

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